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Remarmi: assurance of quality and innovation since 1955.

Now in its third generation, Remarmi is a family-run company specializing in the processing of marble and granite for furnishings.

Azienda Remarmi

Founded in 1955, it demonstrates from the very beginning of its business to possess the quid of innovation typical of companies destined to last over time and to become synonymous with guarantees for its customers. In fact, between 1957 and 1958, Remarmi was one of the first Italian companies to use the polyester finish on marble, a resinous coating. Located in the center of Vighizzolo, a small village in the municipality of Cantù, in the province of Como, Remarmi continues the long tradition of working with marble.

The 1960s marked the turning point: the company grew to such an extent that it also started an intense export activity. With the passing of the years, the working techniques are improved and work tools are updated: Remarmi definitively affirms itself as one of the most structured companies in the sector.

Lavorazione del marmo su controllo numerico

In the years 2000, another invention, the marble bed, and the introduction to the guidance of the company of the third generation family. With over 60 years of activity, and a team of 6 specialized artisans, Remarmi is currently a leader in the processing of marble and granite for furnishings, including luxury, in Italy and abroad, with commercial relationships active in all the countries of world, with particular attention to Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Russia, United States, China and Japan.

Sede Remarmi

The company currently operates in a 600-square-meter warehouse, plus as many as 1000 out-of-square areas: the shed is used for storing precious materials for luxury; the square is a deposit for the most common marbles. The storage of various slabs of materials makes it possible to intervene quickly; if the material is not available in the company, it is possible to recover any valuable material on the market.

The company also has a well-equipped technical office that acts as a valid support for carpenters, architects and building contractors who need specialist help for the development of the theoretical part of the project.

Ufficio interno Remarmi

Azienda Interna